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Designers Comments (Robert Tucker A.M.I.N.A.)

The commission itself came initially from two people very experienced in offshore racing in a family unit, and stemmed from their belief that the standards of sea-worthiness demanded by the junior officers offshore group could be wedded to the concept of the small shoal-draught family cruiser to produce the boat that has everything.

The result was the first twin-keel shallow draught yacht to receive her colours for class V racing, a 4- berth family cruiser able to take the ground on every tide, if need be, and a vessel docile enough to train the inexperienced in the art of seamanship. And immediately she proved herself sea-worthy, light on the helm, easy to sail, fast to windward, and comfortable to live aboard, moreover, she passed her compulsory self-righting test with flying colours.

Her appearance is unusual to those long accustomed to coachroofs and doghouses, but it is something of a return to an earlier age-except that modern techniques now enable us to combine uncluttered decks for safe sail-handling with above average accommodation below.









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